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John Marshall Jones
John Marshall Jones, (Dexter,Bones,Boston Legal) is best known as the loving father, Floyd Henderson on Family Channel's "Smart Guy" (and also Sci Fi network's "John Doe" ). He recently completed the successful off-Broadway run of The Guest at Central Park West for which he won the Audelco Award for 'Best Actor in a Theatrical Performance'. He also recently completed filming on the television pilot, The Troop, for Nickelodeon. Since coming to Hollywood, he has starred in four television series, nine recurring characters ( Lifetime's "Still Standing", "Navy N.C.I.S." and "Joan of Arcadia"), over 100 television episodic (both sitcom and one hour), 20 A-list feature films and 10 MOW's. Needless to say, he is never out of work for long. What's his secret? "I learned a long time ago that scene study, acting technique and, yes, even talent are important factors to some extent but none of them mean anything if you don't know how to AUDITION. Like most actors I would get so anxious before my auditions that it was impossible for me to perform like I wanted. I got tired of leaving the audition feeling like a failure so I developed a series of techniques, Mastering The Audition, that let me show directors and producers what I could really do."