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The Urban Report

The Urban Report is a weekly public affairs program that features three street-savvy news commentators who will provide the necessary news for those who live, work or play in the urban community. While America has never been more diversified, it is still evident that minority views and opinions are embarrassingly lacking in the mainstream media. This show will correct that with a style that mixes intelligence, insight and humor to crack the veil of indifference that often prevents facts from reaching those who need them most!
trioThose who enjoy a lively discussion on the issues will have the acclaimed political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson and the noted LA Times writer and author, Erin Aubry Kaplan sharing insights and comments with our esteemed host, Robert "Bob" Long. It should be noted that many think Bob was the real-life model for TV's Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. So, move over John McLaughlin, because Bob, Erin and Earl are in the house!
trio3Since Bob is currently working for the State Department and is based in Washington, we can only enjoy his wit and wisdom on the Urban Report, periodicalluy. So to keep the ball rolling when he is absent, we will invite a number of notable amd respected commentator/analyst to fill in as Guest Hosts. Of course, our guest will be someone who relates to our urban perspective and will provide a refreshing matchup for or regulars, Earl and Erin.
Together, these savvy observers of the human condition will provide veiwpoints and stories that could shrink the gap that currently divides one half of the nation from the other. They understand that those who convey the news must be seen, at all times, as part of the CURE and not the PROBLEM. Consequently, The Urban Report is a concept whose time has come, and only the internet could make it possible!