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Landing Page Videos


Borrowing from the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ..."Let me count the ways!"

First and foremost, every business, regardless of size, MUST have a WEBSITE! However, since there are over a billion websites online, your website must JUMP out and HOLD your VISITOR the moment they land on your home page!

Too many have discovered that visitors only spend seconds on their sites and leave without viewing another page! If you need visitors to read more pages before buying your product or services, then you must keep them at your website! For some that may not be easy, because people no longer like to read. They would rather SEE and HEAR a VIDEO, like the ones below:

Okay, you can't afford the "five-figure" price tag of a high-end aerospace video! Well, few of us can. But, today's technology makes it possible to do high-quality videos for much less! That creates an opportunity for a small company to market and promote an innovative concept, with mostly their enthusiasm and passion! To see what I mean, check out the next video.
Okay, you got the point! There's no way to convey all that enthusiasm and salesmanship with a few written words! That's why more people would rather SEE and HEAR want you have to say, than read about it.

For starters, we will meet and assist you in determining the type of video that best serves your company. Then our staff will prepare a “Story Board” detailing exactly what the video will include. Upon your approval and at your convenience, we will schedule a video session which generally takes less than two hours. Finally, the video will be edited and polished and, upon your approval, be encoded for a YouTube submission and copied on a DVD. The whole process is guaranteed not to exceed a 24-hours and cost between $50 to $70 per hour. But the end result will be "top-drawer" HD-quality!


No matter the size of your business, you need customers to grow. No matter how tight your budget, advertising and promoting your business are as important as paying your rent! So, if there is a digital divide that separates inner-city mind-set from those in the affluent areas, it only exists because of our propensity to ignore an inconvenient fact! The internet is here to stay--so don't waste time FIGHTING the facts. Find a cost-effective way to use the facts to your advantage!