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Video Training

sonyIf there’s one thing that unites the veteran team at INcomTV, it's the idea of giving back to the community by sharing the job-skills they achieved during their long careers. That’s why INcomTV is eager to contradict the H. L. Mencken quote: ”Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.”   INcomTV can "do," and will "teach" too!

Where better to give back than to the youths raised on the wrong side of the digital divide? These teenagers seem totally oblivious of the digital revolution that has burst across the country. They may live only a stone's throw from the media capitol of the world, but the scarcity of resources in most inner-city high schools has them trapped in the middle ages! For them, the only way to a job in the media is to be born and raised by someone who works there!

lightsA digital divide is an economic inequality between groups, in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies. The divide has now transitioned to another level, currently called, The Production Divide—is a “gap” that separates those who primarily consume content on the internet from the producers of content. 

Those raised on the right side of the digital divide have good reasons to see a bright future! If Hollywood is on their dream path, they now arrive clutching a film school degree from an illustrious college!  Some bypass college and choose an accredited Video/Film Production School. Today's wannabe-Spielberg arrives already knowing the basic fundaments. So if the competition is fierce, they come prepared!

cannonThe computer geeks who launched the digital revolution are responsible for some astonishing developments. Film and television equipment that once cost a quarter-of-a-million, have been replaced by digital gear costing in the low thousands.  This technology explosion has democratized Hollywood and radicalized the process of who gets to make what eventually will be seen on the big or small screens!

As the internet and broadcast television merge and morph, the decision-making control once held by major studios and the networks is being challenged by technology driven players like, Netflex, and Google. Now that it is possible to send video from a desktop computer to a home television (Smart TV sets) the curtain is falling on the dominating influence of the major studios.

tripodThe line that separates a “computer” and a “television,” has vanished and according to The LA Times (March 27, '13) "A wave of digital productions have taken off in recent years, as YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, Hulu and others have invested millions in developing original programming for the Web. Location filming for Web-based productions generated 1,633 production days in Los Angeles last year, up 46% over 2011. Web-based media now accounts for about 10% of all television production activity, according to FilmL.A. Inc., the nonprofit group that handles permits for the city and the county."

What all this translate to is MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES for those who are from the right side of the digital divide, and less opportunities for the inner-city youths who are on the wrong side of the digital divide. INcomTV seeks to level the playing field by providing an extensive digital production training program to inner-city based youths.

gear-2 INcomTV will erase the lines that distinguish “teaching” from “doing”  by offering Inner city students/interns a comprehensive on the job training training program.   Part of their day will be learning from those who did it before they decided to teach it. The other part will be assisting in the actual process of producing a web video production—working on the shows that INcomTV is producing. They will earn a small salary and after achieving their credentials, they will either continue with INcomTV at union scale, or transfer to a higher paying job at another production company. 

Since most on the INcomTV team have an extensive background in theater, the students will also be taught and educated in all aspects of theatrical stagecraft, including some technological advances in automation. Today's technician must relay on much more than winches and pulleys. Understanding the basic principles of theatrical stagecraft automation is essential.
crew-2Funding for this program will come from a variety of sources.  Hopefully, some will come from Federal and State Job Training Programs.  INcomTV will strive to qualify for organizations like: Work Force Investment Board, which will require a partnership with a fully accredited vocational school, college or university. Other funding may come from private Grants and Foundations seeking to increase opportunities for minority applicants.  Sales income from either of INcomTV's web-based shows will also be a source of funding.

INcomTV, which is also a nonprofit 501c(3), will hold annual Fund-raisers and Fund Drives among the viewers who will be asked to champion the Training Program as a vital part of INcomTV’s overall mission.